PLEASE NOTE: Abstracts Opening will be the 21st June

We will be seeking abstracts relevant to the following themes:

  1. Linking Environmental and Sustainable Development
  2. Role of Social Workers in fulfilling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Income, wellbeing, employment and poverty
  4. Relationship-based practice: Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships
  5. Evidence informed interventions
  6. Strengthening education to meet the needs of communities
  7. Identity, discrimination and social exclusion
  8. Community development and social enterprise
  9. Health, mental health and disability
  10. Conflict, violence, migration and human trafficking
  11. Engagement with people who use services
  12. Rights of Families and Children
  13. Life Span Perspectives and Issues
  14. Ensuring the sustainable and ethical use of technology in human services
  15. Women’s Issues Focused Stream

We would welcome abstract submissions that offer diverse / interactive presentation styles, for example, the use of social media, alternative visual aids, joint input with service users, etc. Abstracts can be submitted under different categories:

  • Poster Presentation
  • Short Presentation (‘Pecha-Kucha’ 6 slides per 6 minutes / 6 minute multimedia presentation/with themed interactive round table discussion)
  • Full Oral Paper (15 minutes presentation/workshop)
  • Symposium (4-6 papers under one theme)

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