Field Visits

A range of field visits will be offered to allow delegates to meet local social workers and community based workers in agencies and projects across Ireland, including Northern Ireland.

Belfast Fieldtrip 

The NIASW (Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers) are delighted to be able to offer 100 delegates the opportunity to visit Belfast for a unique fieldtrip on Tuesday, the 3rd of July 2018.

Delegates who choose this fieldtrip option will experience a fully escorted trip by private coach from Dublin to Belfast leaving early morning and returning by 8pm.

In the morning we will focus on the experiences of SW and communities during the armed conflict in NI. We will present an overview of the NIASW book “Voices of SW through the conflict in NI” which will be launched at the conference. This groundbreaking book is based on a study of 500 SWs who practiced throughout The Troubles from 1969-1998. We will also have input from a local specialist conflict trauma centre.

Following a tour of some of the city’s most iconic street art (political murals) delegates will be given a guided tour of Parliament Builings at Stormont, the historic seat of the NI Assembly. Where lunch will be provided in the private members dining room.

The focus of the afternoon will be SW post conflict and will begin with a drinks reception hosted in the Belfast City Hall by the Lord Mayor. Afternoon tea will be served alongside an exhibition of SW from across all of NI.

Cost per person is 90 Euro and is strictly limited to 100 places. Booking a place on this fieldtrip will be available soon.

Disability: TBC

Housing: Community participation in urban regeneration, hosted by Fatima Groups United

Ethnic Minority Groups: Travellers and Roma community development and rights, hosted by Pavee Point

Homelessness: Peer research, health and rights hosted by Focus Ireland

Children and Families: Visit to local child protection and welfare office

Mental Health: Visit to user run organisation (Gateway) providing service for people with mental health difficulties for people with mental health difficulties

Older people: TBC

Asylum Seekers and refugees: TBC

Environment: Community Gardens