Larry Alicea


Larry Alicea is President of the College of Social Work Professionals of Puerto Rico. He is also IFSW Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean and a member of the IFSW Global Executive. He is a social worker and lawyer. His areas of professional emphasis include working with children who are victims of sexual abuse, custody issues in divorce proceedings and social activism in matters of the LGBTQI collective. He has been a lecturer in Uruguay, Chile, Panama, the United States and Puerto Rico. He has also written chapters in edited books and professional journals. He has a strong presence in the media of Puerto Rico, analyzing and explaining social situations and issues that impact the professional practice of social work. Weekly moderates a radio program “Social Analysis”. At the moment, he is a doctoral student of the School of Social Work of the University of Puerto Rico.

Keynote presentation title: Intersectionality, knowledge and power: A decolonizing look for the practice of social work.