IFSW Archival Project

The 1st International Conference of Social Work was held in Paris in July 1928, bringing together over 5000 delegates, representing 42 countries. This was the foundation for the current day IASSW, ICSW and IFSW. The 2018 conference in Dublin will include the opportunity to reflect on the 90 years that have passed in the development and work involved in achieving this history.

Social Work records requested from around the globe

In 2013 IFSW embarked on a project with the aim of ensuring all their archival material would be preserved for current and future generations to make the IFSW archives and history accessible to social workers and researchers as it is important to preserve this history of the social work profession.  The IFSW archives contain information dating back to 1847, but there are gaps in historical records especially pre and post the Second World War across the globe and gaps in regional history. The IFSW Archivist Fiona Robertson [email protected] and others are involved in a stock take to determine the extent and location of missing information and requests people who have information about records of the International Permanent Secretariat of Social Work 1928 to 1945 and IFSW records generally since 1956 to contact her with this information.

The IFSW website contains copies of key documents http://ifsw.org/archives/ and more will be posted as the Project continues and the archives and historical documents are able to be viewed at the IFSW Office.