Women’s Issues Focused Stream

Panel Organized by Women’s Committee of the IASSW: WOMEN ISSUES FOCUSED STREAM

The Women’s Issues Focused Stream will be organized by the Women’s Committee of the International Association of Schools of Social Work.  If you wish your presentation to be made as part of this Stream select theme No.15 when submitting your abstract. Papers relating to gender, feminism and women’s issues are not restricted to this stream and can be submitted under any of the other themes as appropriate also.

Suggested topics to be included:

  • Refugee women’s issues
  • Disabled women’s issues
  • Migrant women, care workers and the specific issues
  • Work and family issues
  • Feminist research and gender research
  • Women’s history
  • Teaching gender and feminist social work
  • Women and violence
  • Sexuality and identity
  • Women’s reproductive rights
  • Women in vulnerable contexts
  • Women and social inequalities
  • Women and political conflicts
  • Local specific inequalities

During the conference, themes under this stream will run each day. There will also be a Symposium to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Women Interest group of the IASSW, which we plan to be one of the major events celebrated together with the pioneers of feminist social work.

This Panel will be chaired by:
Prof. Darja Zaviršek, chair of the Women’s Committee of the IASSW,
Prof. Fran Waugh, co-chair