Walter LaMendola


Dr. LaMendola is Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), University of Denver. A pioneer in the integration of technology, human services and education, Dr. LaMendola developed a small computer system for human service agencies in 1978 that won national recognition and awards. He opened an Information Technology Center at GSSW in 1983.  He is a founding father of HUSITA. In addition to consulting in various countries, he co-founded a number of early computer networks, and has written about communication and information technology interactions with culture, social justice, inequity, human presence, sustainability, and every day life.  Dr. LaMendola is co-author of five books and over a hundred articles and technical reports. He received his BA from St. Vincent College, MSW in Community Organization from the University of Pittsburgh, diploma in Sociology and Social Welfare from the University of Stockholm, and PhD in Social Work from the University of Minnesota.

Keynote presentation title: Achieving Sustainable Community Development: The Case for a Social Technology Bill of Rights